NEWs for FSC

FSC/AMNC Works with Representative Andy Kim to pass an amendment to H.R. 1140

Congressman Kim announcing the amendment and mentioning AMNC/FSC Executive Director Sonya Hightower-Labosco on the floor of Congress.

FSC/AMNC works with ABC news to expose government mismanagement on a historic scale

The national news story exposed a culture of mismanagement and coverups that resulted in a workforce that had been abused for years. The article resulted in changes and more oversight of Air Marshal scheduling.

FSC/AMNC issues several Cease and Desist Orders to FAMS Management

After several FAMS came forward about the LAX field office giving FAMS private information to a private company in order to make sure FAMS were at the airport, FSC took action. FSC’s Law Firm took the extraordinary step of issuing Cease and Desist orders to the managers involved.

FSC/AMNC works with Sen Booker and Gary Peters to launch an historic GAO investigation of FAMS

The Government Accountability Office report outlining 13 Air Marshal Deaths and a 300% increase in illnesses over a short period of time.

FSC/AMNC works with Sen Markey to launch a OIG investigation of the Quiet Skies program

After a Boston Globe article reveled the very suspect Quiet Skies surveillance program, FSC worked with Sen Markey to launch a DHS OIG probe.

FSC authors important editorial on aviation security

FSC published an editorial in the largest Congressional newspaper The Hill outlining the importance of evolving our aviation security before its too late.