You can authorize your dues allotment through the National Finance Center EPP page.

Go to the National Finance Center Employee Personal Page website at and click the ‘I AGREE’ button at bottom to accept the disclaimer. Log in at the left with your User ID and Password (If you do not have a Password or User ID, follow the links provided).

On the left hand navigation bar below your name, select FINANCIAL ALLOTMENTS. After the screen loads, select SELF SERVICE on the upper right side of the screen. After this screen loads, a list of your current allotments will display. Select START and enter the FSC account information.

Bi-weekly dues – $25 (Federal Law Enforcement Coverage) or $650.00 per year

Bi-weekly dues- $15.00 (Administrative Staff Only) or $390.00 per year

Bank of America Routing Number: 063100277
FSC Saving Account Number: 8981 2344 9718

After you have completed your allotment:
Forward your confirmation email to [email protected] and include your name, address, email, phone, agency name, and duty location in the body of the message.


Annual LESOA Retired Membership  Dues  $150.00

Pay Link Below for Annual LEOSA Retired Membership:

Once you become a retired LEOSA member of our family, we will register your information in our database then  submit to PORAC as a retired LEOSA member in good standing.   PORAC will directly send you an application to register  for the LEOSA legal defense. Upon completion of your PORAC application, PORAC will then charge $102.00 to obtain the legal protections.  For a total of $252.00.  Retired state and local officers can also become LEOSA AMNC/FSC members and qualify for this unique legal plan.